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Sorry Neil, but your infamous flight has left you exposed to ridicule from rivals

NEIL Prendeville is something of a local legend in Cork, having hosted a hard-hitting daytime radio show on 96FM for more than 20 years and often being considered as their answer to Gerry Ryan.

Outside of Cork, however, he is known primarily for an episode on an Aer Lingus flight three years ago when, under the influence of drink and painkillers, he, ahem, exposed himself in full view of passengers.

Full of remorse, Neil (inset) immediately pleaded for forgiveness and, after a period of reflection away from work, he was welcomed back to his old job some months later.


In February, however, Neil announced he was jumping ship from 96FM to join rival station RedFM.

So it doesn't take a genius to work out what his former employers are alluding to when they launched an ad campaign this week, urging their listeners not to switch station.

Or, as they so eloquently put it: "Why play with the knob?"

Prendeville has slammed his former employers, and one must feel sympathy for him in being reminded of that moment of madness.

Furthermore, 96FM's Kieran McGeary has done his cause no favours by stating that the ad is not a dig at Prendeville, claiming that: "Maybe I'm naive, but this is not about Neil. It's about why people should not change radio station."

Rather than owning up and having a giggle, McGeary is simply insulting his listeners' intelligence with this denial.

Where Prendeville loses sympathy, however, is in his comment that "they didn't have to go that low" because he had previously given the station 25 years of his life.

What he conveniently forgets, of course, is that three years ago, in a situation where his employers could have washed their hands of him for good due to his gross misconduct, 96FM stood by him.

Yes, Prendeville was good to the station. But they were also good to him.

And in joining a competitor because they presumably offered him more money, he can have no complaints.

He lost the moral high ground many years ago on that flight, and in leaving them now has made himself fair game for any jokes 96FM care to throw at him.

So sorry, Neil, but you're just going to have to suck it up.