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So the perfect woman doesn't exist? Phew, let's all breathe a sigh of relief

WOMEN of the world can exhale, the pressure is off. It seems, according to a recent survey, that 80pc of men not only expect their partners not to be perfect, but they don't think such a thing as the perfect woman exists -- not even Angelina Jolie.

What a huge relief. I can cancel that wax appointment, not bother emptying the dish washer, and order in dinner again tonight.

The survey, conducted by Remington, shows that while over 50pc of men surveyed think that they are with 'The One', only 20pc reckon that there's even such a thing as a perfect woman.


Instead, we female other halves seem to score in the mid-sixties -- 67pc -- on the perfection scale.

So the average woman gets six points of the perfect ten. That's a C-plus, if my academic scoring memory serves right.

An honour, but only a third-class one.

Grand, but nothing to really shout about, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Personally, I think I'd put myself in the high second-class bracket.

So, is it the scoring, or the scorers who are at fault, or are we women just not up to the mark?

I have to say, I think most women rank higher than this.

As a gender, we know we're better than men in terms of efficiency, ability and achievement.

We're the ones who have the babies, run the home and pack the lunches, often while simultaneously excelling in the boardroom to contribute our share of the family finances.

Sure, it's a generalisation, but we're the multi-taskers who, in modern Ireland, absolutely play our part in the responsibilities that go with any relationship.

And once out of the Uggs and the onesies (yes gents, you can deduct a few marks for them), we look pretty hot while we're doing it.

So where do we fall down? For what do our menfolk deduct marks to show us to be less than perfect?

Well apparently, we women don't like sport. We're obsessed with cleanliness. We tend to make a big deal of things (possibly our other halves lack of cleanliness?) usually insisting on the last word. And apparently women fall down on driving and our penchant for soap operas. That's where we lose the 33pc.


I would've thought a female lack of interest in sport would be a good thing. Otherwise we might want to (shudder) talk to our partners about it while watching a game, and we all know what a sin that is.

As for the soap operas ... I have to say personally, I'm not a fan, but like most women I love my reality TV. My husband regards this as a blessing, because it means I'm entertained while he goes to his man-cave to trouble his Xbox without any nagging from me. It's a win/win.

And the 'big deal' about things? Of course we make a big deal, because if we didn't, who would? And yes, we like having the last word too, and we don't care if that means men think we're not perfect because of it.

I'm not even going to address the driving bit. We know we're better drivers, we have the statistics (somewhere) to prove it, you men just can't handle the truth.

Then there were the petty gripes -- some women need to shave their armpits more -- and the old reliables "she's always trying to change me, and choose my friends".

To address the first issue, OK, point taken, but re: the latter, we're right about your dodgy friends, and your nasty underwear floor-dumping habit, but you'll just see it as "making a big deal", so we're back to the start of our imperfections.

Thankfully though, most men realise, and appreciate the Mars/Venus divide, that our two genders are different, and hurray for that.

And because you guys claim you don't want perfection, means we women can carry on being our witty, funny, idiosyncratic selves. Vive la difference!