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So is wine good or bad for you then?


A glass of wine

A glass of wine

A glass of wine

Another week, another study linking red wine to good health.

The findings, reported in the International Journal of Obesity, conclude that diets including the ingredient resveratrol may help combat obesity.

It's found in berries and grapes - ergo wine helps you slim.

Every other week there's conflicting reports about pretty much everything we eat and drink. Wine kills you one week, wine saves you the next.

The problem with a lot of these studies is that they suffer from the risk of selection bias.

 The 'wine is good for you' ones have probably tested people who drink but who are generally healthy. The 'wine is bad for you' ones possibly focus on less healthy people.

No doubt there'll be another study next week saying those who don't do moderation but live to excess will live longer.