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Sinn Fein need to come clean on US funding

Sinn Fein is promoting the slogan “Make The Change” during this election campaign.

The party is on the cusp of an electoral breakthrough and is set to make significant gains at both council and European level.

However, Gerry Adams’ party will never be seen as a potential government party unless it comes clean on the murky nature of its US fundraising.

Staggering sums are being channelled from bank accounts in New York to Northern Ireland, leading to accusations that Sinn Fein’s war chest is being used to cover its election costs.

What has Sinn Fein got to hide? When will the party come clean on how it is spending millions of US dollars?

Gerry Adams has lambasted the media for its continued questioning of his role in the heinous murder of mother-of-10 Jean McConville in 1972.

Mr Adams still has questions to answer, as does his party in relation to its multi-million dollar war chest.