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Sinead's life is just one long episode of the SEX Factor

In the midst of all her embarrassing, slightly nutty ramblings of recent weeks, Sinead O'Connor has come out and made a valid point.

The presidential election, which the object of her most recent outburst -- Dana is threatening to enter -- has descended into a farce.

On the one hand, David Norris is unable to run because he sent a character letter on behalf of a friend who was accused of having under-age sex with a 15-year-old.

On the other hand, Martin McGuinness -- a very senior figure in the IRA during its most murderous time -- breezes on to the ballot paper, and brushes away talk of his paramilitary times as though it were a folly of youth.


What chance of him using "Hey, we all bombed" as his catchphrase?

We can agree with Sinead that Dana's involvement -- on the back of having once won the Eurovision Song Contest -- adds a further layer of nonsense to the campaign.

But she isn't happy to leave it at that and, in another episode which betrays her breathtaking lack of self-awareness, Sinead criticises Dana by stating that the presidential race "isn't the f**king X Factor". This comment, let's be honest, is a tiny bit rich coming from Sinead.

This is the woman, after all, who has for the few weeks been engaged in a gruesome, desperate plea for a boyfriend/partner, describing in great detail what she's looking for in a man, and what she's willing to do to him. Am I missing something here, or is what Sinead has been conducting, in her very public search for a ride, not the very essence of a "F**king X Factor"?

It has all the ingredients of that show. The very public auditioning. The complex, heartbreaking back story.

The careering off the rails on the back of adverse judgment. The slagging off of her judges, the threat not to perform followed immediately by a complete U-turn, all the while keeping herself in the press to retain her profile.


And then, having overcome adversity, naysayers, musings on 'ending it all', she beats all the odds, and lands herself a ride last weekend. Coming out on top, so to speak.

Let's be honest Sinead, after reading your recent self-indulgent, attention-seeking and deluded running commentary on your quest for sex, failure to get sex and ultimate success in bagging sex, you're really in no position to criticise someone else for entering "the f**king X Factor."

After all, you're the reigning champion.