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Sinead's latest outburst proves that you're never too old to learn, even at 47

September has started off in the same manner as just about every other month in the past five years, with a public proclamation from the ever-vocal Sinead O'Connor.

Far from being the usual foul-mouthed rant, however, Sinead seems to have accrued some self-awareness, though naturally enough she can't bring herself to express it without liberally dotting her musings with a common four letter word.

Sinead has reflected on her storied love life, which has seen her walk up the aisle four times.

Her vows have been adhered to for ever-diminishing periods of time, varying from a "till death do us part" - like four years to John Reynolds, to a "till dawn do us part" - 16 days with Barry Herridge.

In an outburst which suggests she is finally done with marriage, Sinead articulated that "I wish I hadn't ever got married. Silly cow. Four times. What a twat.

"Now I can't ever get married once and properly. I look stupid in dresses."


Quite how genuine her epiphany really is may be open to question, however, considering that the examples she uses to reveal her unsuitability to married life involve the fact that she's a bad cook, that she doesn't look good in a dress, and that having once ironed a shirt for her husband, he proceeded to roll it up and put in a bag.

The latter action prompting Sinead to consider, whether the traditional role of the wife was for her. Or "F**k that", as she so quaintly put it.

Sinead is to be applauded for her new-found wisdom, and is living proof that, even at 47 years of age, you're never too old to learn.

It would now seem that there is only one thing missing from her well-rounded education. Learn to stop publicly blurting out every single thought that comes into your head.