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Shirty Stewart's feeling the heat...in the studio this time

Appearing on Newstalk, former RTE presenter Duncan Stewart made some valid points about climate change and the indifference with which the media has covered it in recent years.

But there's a thin line between being passionate about a subject and being a hectoring, self-important bore. And as Shane Coleman tried to lead the conversation, Stewart got shirty about being interrupted.

"Do you want me to talk here," he insisted, "then tell me how much time I've got." When Coleman informed him that they had about seven minutes left, Stewart got even more agitated. "If you tell me I've got 10 minutes, I'll stay here. But if you say I've only got seven, I'm not staying."

And as Shane tried to conciliate, Stewart continued. "I've a lot to say here... do I have to go to another radio station to say it?"

There are rumours that Duncan is planning to run in the European elections and, one would have thought a requirement for a candidate is a willingness to answer questions he's asked, allow other people have a say and not throw your toys out of the pram because someone won't let you speak.

So good luck in your political career, Duncan...