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Sharon's a real ice queen ... for a good cause

TThe latest charity nomination craze, which sees people drenched in freezing iced water in return for donations to a charity of their choice, has hit an unlikely target. Sharon Ní Bheolain has agreed to take part as long as €1,000 is pledged on mycharity.ie for the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association.

The website allows donors to be identified, so it was nice to note the generosity of RTE stars Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne, who each donated €100. And it was equally noteworthy that Kevin Bakhurst, Sharon's boss in RTE news, saw fit to donate the princely sum of €20.
Good to see Kevin practising what he preaches when it comes to cutbacks.

MMark Cagney has claimed that the secret to Ireland AM's success is being able to relate to their viewers, as TV3 staff are not on big salaries and can therefore empathise with ordinary, working people.

"We're not earning crazy money," he said. "It's hard to think someone in RTE can empathise with financially difficult situations when they have such big pay packets." It's a noble thought - which doesn't quite stand up to scrutiny, sadly.

After all, the ultimate "working-class hero" on US television is Oprah Winfrey, the woman that so many working-class Americans, both black and white, turn to for comfort and inspiration.

And while empathising with millions of ordinary Americans, Oprah earns about €60m a year.