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Shambles of the HSE gets worse

THE shambles of the inquiry into the death of Savita Halappanavar beggars belief -- even by the blundering standards of the HSE. Announced by Health Minister James Reilly as a probe to stand up to the 'scrutiny of the world', it has now, in effect, ground to a halt less than 48 hours after being launched.

Three Galway-based medics, of a inquiry team of just seven, have been stood down.

Who saw fit to appoint these individuals in the first place? Did Dr Reilly not foresee the obvious problems with their appointment? If not, it raises serious questions about the Minister's judgment.

In a further blow, Savita's husband, Praveen, has said he will not cooperate and instead wants a public inquiry.

The pro-abortion views of the head of the inquiry could also lead to criticism when the findings are unveiled.

As this 'omnishambles' continues, we are still no closer to getting answers as to why Savita died.