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Sex shop owners right to reconsider

it was a moral victory for parents in Drumcondra.

The residents who set up a campaign to prevent a sex shop opening near to a primary school succeeded in their objective.

While it is not illegal to open a sex shop, it was in poor taste to open one close to a primary school.

Play Blue store on Richmond Road planned to open 50 metres from St Patrick's Boys' National School.

Concerned parents staged a protest yesterday outside the shop.

They argued - understandably - that it should not be sited so close to a school attended by young children.

The shop's co-owner promised that it will be discreet and that children would not be allowed into the store.

But the owners have backed down and agreed to hand back the keys to the Richmond Road premises.

In this instance the parents had a point - 50 metres from a primary school is no place for a sex shop. The owners were right to reconsider.

Dublin benefits hugely from tourism - revenue generated by visitors stands at about €1.4bn a year.

We attract almost four million overseas visitors each year, with occupancy rates in hotels here in 2014 reaching 80pc.

Tourism is vital to the city and, given Dublin's size, to our country. We cannot take visitors for granted - so innovation is vital.

That's why the launch of a new app which guides tourists along four tourist trails in the city is significant.

The Dublin Discovery Trails showcase significant places and events in the city's history. Launched yesterday, they'll provide another valuable visitor attraction in the city.

Furthermore one of the trails documents the Easter Rising. On the cusp of the 1916 centenary this timely app will be of interest to locals and visitors alike.