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Sex And The City 3 is simply a Manolo Blahnik step too far

I really can't believe the 'are they'/'aren't they' palaver is still going on about the prospect of a third Sex And The City movie.

Can the producers not get it in their heads that, at this stage, we really don't care? Even SATC creator Candace Bushnell wants to put the whole thing to bed with milk and cookies.

Actually, if you think back to 2010, when the flaccid, fur coat and no knickers (quite literally) attempt at a sequel hit the multiplexes, we all drained out of the cinemas wondering where the story had gone? Sex and The City 2 was a chick flick too far. Yeah, the clothes were lovely, but the bite had gone from Carrie's cosmopolitan capers.

To return to such well-worn characters, and an already exhausted plot-line almost a decade later, is really raking over burnt embers. We've had the Carrie/Big story in every shade, colour and conundrum. Not even Taylor and Burton split and got back together so dramatically and so many times.

At this stage, I don't actually care what goes on behind their dream apartment doors, Big bores me and I regard Carrie as a fool for sticking with him.


It would be ridiculous, and dare I say implausible, to horse Kim Cattrall back into Samantha's bodycon frocks, and then have her provocatively fling herself at every hot-blooded male bimbo her character would demand.

She's nearly 60 for goodness sake, with an IQ far superior to what the role requires. As for the other two, can we actually remember or care what they're doing? Suffice to say they've married beneath their intellect and lifestyle ambitions.

So, am I against the notion of SATC 3? You bet. The edginess of the TV show was traded for movies with costumes, locations and lifestyles that not even the most deluded woman could feel part of.

The soul of the show was sold to Hollywood and what resulted was merely a cheap thrill of a movie, followed by an empty, soulless sequel.

You've always got to end the party while everyone's having a ball. If the producers of SATC (SJP included) want the show to remain in legend, one movie was more than enough. Two was a folly, but three can only herald disaster.

- Melanie Morris