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Series 3 of the Great Irish Bake Off is coming and I can already taste the cakes

Sometimes in life, a gig comes along and you want it to be there for ever and ever. Well that's how I feel about the Great Irish Bake Off. We're back and I can't tell you how happy I am.

Things get very exciting for me now over the summer as we prepare to film the new series in September.

Firstly, I will have to get my lardy arse into shape. There's nothing like a very public event to get one focused on training and eating well.

Some people use a holiday to get fit. Others a wedding or a big birthday.

So, enough of the packets of digestive biscuits and crisps and dips on a Saturday night. It's back to the old reliable running and cutting out the crap. Think Charlize Theron getting fit for the Mad Max movie. Then, divide that by a thousand and throw in a few break-out nights and that's me.


This is series three, so we want to bring the standard up yet again.

Last year, we had an incredible baker in the form of Tracy Coyne.

Wow, was she some competitor. Always pushing herself to do better. Calm and collected yet ruthless in her desire to win.

So, this year, it's going to be bigger and better. Not me. I'll be smaller and better.

I get so excited about this show that I am already there in the tent, talking to the bakers as they pull out all the stops to bring us the very best creations they can make. I can smell the bread, the tarts.

I can taste the cakes and feel the soft sugary pavlovas against my lips already. Ooh-err missus, I'm getting carried away. We're back. And we cannot wait to bring you the next series of The Great Irish Bake Off.