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Selfies are great, but my make-up is going nowhere

ASK any woman to go without make-up and she will shiver at the thought. The past week's social media shenanigans for breast cancer have proven that point.

Girls who would normally never show anything but a fully-dressed face to the world braved an "unplugged" look and posted bare-faced selfies to raise money for charity.

It was a novel idea. One that caught on in a flash and spread like lipstick across the internet.

However, ask the same women who bared all to go out to the shops in the same state, and you'll be met with a very definite, negative response.

We women have become used to our maquillage – we don't call it warpaint for nothing, after all.

It's our public face, our game face, our face to the world. With every wave of a wand, line of a pencil and swoop of a brush, we brave ourselves to face the big bad world.

And research shows that we Irish women, apparently, are very keen on our beauty products.

We fly through foundation, we're one of the world's biggest fake tan users and we're also very adept with the latest hair-styling products, lash extensions and nail tips.

Basically, we'll enhance and adorn any parts of us that will hold a bit of powder, stain or pigment.

Sound familiar? Well it does to me. There are a few staples I swear by, and as I become more and more exposed to new brands and products, the list seems to be growing.

Touche eclat, mascara, brow pencil, brow powder, brow brush... I find it hard to face the world without liquid eyeliner, even on a Sunday. And ever since I was introduced to a certain Armani longwear lipstick in bright crimson red, I just can't do without it either.

So, it comes as a bit of a shock to me to see that the no make-up, make-up look is hurtling back into fashion.

It all started with the nude nail – what is now termed the mannequin manicure, where your hands and your talons look one and the same. Then it slowly crept up through lips, and now on to bare eyes – just a slick of natural browny-black mascara.

Have a look in any fashion magazine and you'll see exactly what I mean.

It's certainly not a look we Irish like to embrace. Nope, we like people to think we've made an effort. And actually, anyone with a bit of beauty smarts knows that this new bare look actually involves bucket loads of product, and a degree in artistry to achieve it.


I now have the total fear over my spring/summer beauty look because while I don't mind posting #makeupfree selfies, and will happily run, shop and hit the gym au naturel, when I step into the world for real, I too want my full arsenal of beauty weaponry.

I'm not ready to relinquish a strong lip or a defined brow. I like to sculpt a bit of contour under my cheeks and I certainly want to even my complexion with a full-coverage foundation.

And even though most of us Hiberno-folk were born to have pale skin, mine looks as translucent and grey as a raw prawn without a bit of sunshine-in-a-can.

So forgive me, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and all you designers who deem less is more this summer, I've decided I'm going to remain a walking rainbow.