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Ryanair's grubby ads selling the bodies of its 'hot' young crew

Not content with offering low frills and bargain fares to obscure airports, Ryanair are now introducing further tempation to would-be flyers.

Their latest grubby ad campaign boasts not only flights allegedly from €6 one-way, but proclaims "Red Hot Crew", with a swimsuit-clad looker to hammer home the point for the slower guys out there.

Famed for their charity calendar girls, posing in bikinis around Ryanair planes, Michael O'Leary's company could be tapping into a whole new market -- for flights of fantasy among men.

Strangely, for an airline that's modern in its thinking, the marketing is most low rent.

You'd have to wonder what surly Ryanair crew members think of being used in this fashion to sell seats on the airline?

Okay so some of them may be "hot" but experience shows that the welcome you get on board is often pretty cold.

But does the modern reality match the Ryanair blurb? And which airline really boasts the hostesses with the mostest?

Incredibly, there are polls out there rating the sirens in the skies, with many of those polled showing a fetish for the Asian Babes of Singapore Airlines.

The exotic ladies of Middle Eastern airlines Emirates and Etihad also get the thumbs-up, and les dames of Air France get a shout from many because of their stylish good looks.

Taking things to extremes, the uniforms of Japan Airlines are seen to be so sexy, they're in massive demand on the black market from the local sex industry for role-playing frolics.

Stag party lads might like to take a detour to Russia, where that country's equivalent of Ryanair, Aviana, ran a steamy TV ad featuring its flight crews (female, that is) lathering up the plane, and themselves, in skimpy swimwear.

Ryanair are proud of their staff, with a spokesman insisting to the Herald that his colleagues are "the most beautiful cabin staff operating in Europe".

But looks can only get you so far. Hooters Air -- an airline inspired by the bra and hot pants lovelies of the American restaurant chain -- only lasted a few years, despite a full frills service and good fares.

And my own view, after travelling tens of thousands of miles in the air over the years?


I've found that many stewardesses on American carriers are old enough to be your granny, which might be some kind of fetish market in the States.

Still, there's one exception: Southwestern Airlines.

Travelling on the low-cost carrier many moons ago, I was amazed by the cheerleader beauties serving me in their hotpants. Sadly, the successful airline has gone more conservative in recent times.

And Ryanair? They're certainly young and pretty. I haven't encountered one of the calendar girls just yet, but I have met one or two who would appeal to emotion-starved Tory MPs with their obvious lust for hard-assed discipline.

But what about the male members of staff? While men love to fill in onlline polls and check out the likes of hotstew ardess.com, it seems women have better things to do.

The nearest thing is the gay travel site gayviator.com, where plenty of respondents wouldn't mind a mile-high moment with the cabin boys of US Airways or Delta, while other polls plumped for the Latin lookers of Aerolines Argentina.

Michael O'Leary's latest grab for publicity is firmly in the bottom end of the market.

It's like a throwback to the '50s, selling womens' bodies to sell products.

I'm sure female consumers aren't impressed and boys know the Ryanair girls often provide a pretty cold reception.