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RTE's asking all the wrong questions

vIT's interesting that one of the questions on the RTE interview test paper for new researchers is about Rory O'Neill. The hopeful candidates are asked how they would approach Rory if he was a guest on the show, in light of the recent controversy. How utterly bizarre. I would have thought he should be set up with electric shock wires and informed that any question he was asked by the presenter, he cannot answer honestly. I wonder what the right answer to the question is, RTE?

II overheard a funny thing in a restaurant recently. A waiter, without being asked, asked could he recommend a dish. The woman at the table very cleverly replied: "You're not just saying that cos there's loads of it in the kitchen not selling, are you?" It made me think back to when I was a waitress - that's exactly what our chef made us do.

There are the tell-tale signs that the economy is turning. Cranes appearing on the skyline, pubs busy at the weekend. And the ads on the telly aren't crap any more. I saw a great one for Irish Life recently, and it looked like a gorgeous short film. Yes, things are a-changing.