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Rosanna, how dare you poke fun at how 'the other half' live when it is they who've made your Wes's family rich

IS it just me or is there something really distasteful about south Dublin party boy Andy Quirke's latest themed birthday party?

Perhaps it's my humble 'skanger' roots or the fact that I'm from a less exclusive area than south Dublin's Foxrock.

You might say I'm weighed down by a huge chip on my shoulder, or that I'm suffering from an inferiority complex.

Maybe I am, but I have a problem with SoCoDu's finest dressing up in all their 'chavtastic' glory.

For those of you who couldn't be bothered to read about the latest antics for Andy Quirke's 25th birthday, let me explain.

On Saturday night, a host of Dublin's models and socialites descended upon the Quirke family mansion in Foxrock to celebrate young Andy's latest milestone.

And who exactly is Andy Quirke, you might ask?

He's the son of millionaire developer and owner of Dublin gaming arcade Richard Quirke. And he turned 25 over the weekend.

Andy is something of a party animal and a regular face in the VIP area of Kyrstle.

Thanks to copious photographs on social networking pages, we're also aware that he has livened up previous birthday celebrations with beach party themes and an ice-cream van. Andy also happens to be the brother of Wesley, the other half of former Miss World Rosanna Davison.

The Quirkes are the proud owners of Dr Quirkey's Good Time Emporium on O'Connell Street, as well as a similar venture in Phibsboro.

The pictures from Andy's birthday celebrations were posted onto a Facebook page and showed Andy and Wes clad in Celtic jerseys.

Rosanna appears scantily clad in a short tartan skirt and white hoodie. The rest of the girls are dressed similarly -- albeit most are wearing tracksuits. All are sporting thick gold chains around their neck and wrists.


A number of them have half-lit fags hanging out of their gobs, are holding cheap bottles of beer and, for some reason, it appears their take on 'skangers' includes the dreaded 'mono-brow'.

But back to the Dr Quirkey's connection. In 2008, figures showed that Andy's father and mother received almost €3m in remuneration the previous year from the firm behind the gaming arcade.

No doubt they deserved it -- such a high-profile business requires a lot of hard work and there is no doubt that former garda Richard Quirke is a hard-working man.

But who frequents Dr Quirkey's and helps pay towards Andy's opulent life of luxury?

Will we see Rosanna et al dropping in, putting their money in slot machines, shooting a few games of pool or getting on the simulator? Somehow, I doubt it.

Interestingly, how many of their young teenage patrons wear jersies and/or hoodies?

It appears that young Andy is poking fun at the very people who help line his family's pockets, safe within the confines of his family's opulent Foxrock mansion.

Perhaps I do have a large chip on my shoulder -- after all I used to be a patron of Dr Quirkey's myself back in the day.

Then again, perhaps I'm not the one with the problem -- maybe Andy would do well to learn not to bite the hand that feeds him.