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Resignations might not harm politics

IT HAS been a big week in politics with two surprise resignations. First the shock decision by popular politician and former broadcaster George Lee to quit Fine Gael and give up his Dail seat.

Then, yesterday, we reported that the Greens' Deirdre de Burca is leaving her party and giving up her place in the Seanad.

While nobody is fond of political turmoil -- especially in the current climate -- and each party might well consider these departures quite damaging, there's no reason for the wider public to think that any real harm has come to the body politic.

For too many years there was this idea that successful politicians, once firmly in place, would do anything to hold on to their positions, including going back on election promises and making all manner of U-turns.

It is encouraging to know that these days some have evidently thought deeply about their political positions and considered whether or not they were a good fit and able to do what they thought was right.