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Reports leave us B*Witched

IIn the annals of breaking news, the announcement that B*Witched are reforming was hardly an earth-shattering revelation. Two years ago, 50pc of the group - twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch - returned in the form of pop duo The Barbarellas. 
 Eighteen months ago, the full band reformed for ITV's The Big Reunion TV show and tour. And last Christmas, the band again announced their comeback, fuelled by Edele's winning turn on TV3's Celebrity Apprentice.
Now the band's latest announcement has come as Edele takes part in Celebrity Big Brother. And just yesterday, Keavy revealed that Edele had split from her husband some time ago, an announcement which just happens to dovetail nicely with the band's comeback. Is it just me, or do the girls just want to talk about reforming as a way of getting column inches. Or do they actually want to reform?

jAt the launch of his new Lord of the Dance show Michael Flatley was keen to distance himself from Riverdance, which he considers to be dated these days.
Many might find this comment surprising, but not Flatley, who remarkably says that Riverdance and Lord of the Dance are "like night and day." They are, Michael - night comes after day, just like Lord of the Dance came after Riverdance. Other than that, they're pretty much identical.