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Ray's got the right figure - for the radio

vAt the launch of the new series of Operation Transformation, Kathryn Thomas suggested that a celebrity version might be the next step. And thinking out loud about possible contestants, Kathryn cited the example of radio's Ray Foley, who recently admitted to having put on four stone and is determined to shift it.

While the ballooning of Rotund Ray was obvious to anyone who had recently seen him, the man himself seems to have been in denial for some time. "I thought it was brilliant he came out and said that," revealed Kathryn, "because the whole thing was he was hiding behind the microphone". To which one can only add the following. It must have been a big microphone.

NNeil Prendeville, a DJ who was spotted masturbating beneath a copy of Cara magazine on an Aer Lingus flight four years ago, has just been announced as a columnist for The Irish Sun, where he'll be "hard-hitting" and "taking no prisoners".

Judging by an interview he gave to his new employers, however, it doesn't look like Neil is going to do anything outrageous with his column this time, as his "shocking" opinions included the fact that Ryan Tubridy is better suited to Radio 1, and Gerry Ryan was a troubled soul. In reality, the Sun should have known that he'd be a damp squib, given his previous contribution to a publication.