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Rabbitte has axe to grind after sacking

Pat Rabbitte has revealed the full depth of his sense of betrayal following his removal from Cabinet.

He doesn't hold back in his criticism of Joan Burton and her appointment of fresh faces to ministerial positions.

Rabbitte outlines his "great difficulty" with first-term TDs taking on this kind of responsibility.

Highlighting his lingering sense of grievance, he says "of course" he wanted to stay on as Communications Minister.

"I think most people around Leinster House know the new Tanaiste (Burton) and myself have never tended to socialise together, let me put it that way," he adds.

He may well feel his point of view has been vindicated by the latest opinion poll findings.

Far from leading to a rise in Government support, last month's reshuffle has been followed by a further drop. Dissatisfaction with the coalition is up three points to 69pc.

If the trend continues, a lot more Labour TDs will soon be saying goodbye to ministerial office.