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Questions still remain for Adams

YET more questions for Gerry Adams.

The latest controversy for the Sinn Fein leader has been ongoing for a week after Mairia Cahill bravely came forward to tell of her claims of rape at the hands of an IRA member and the subsequent internal 'kangaroo trial' that followed.

Adams finally acknowledged, through his blog and not directly to journalists' questions, that the IRA did indeed act as a police force in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and shot or expelled sex offenders.

It took the TD six days to stop acting dumb on this issue yet he still has to come clean on more.

Adams has constantly denied that he was a member of the IRA. Yesterday, Mairia Cahill said some of her relations, IRA members, found this to be an amusing claim.

She said her grandfather recruited Adams into the IRA.

No response yet from the Sinn Fein president.

Don't hold your breath waiting on one.