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Put some of our politicians on bucket list

CCelebrities are getting ice-bucketed every day online. And even though it's been going on for more than a week here, we're still waiting on some big names. Really big names. Can someone nominate some senior politicians? Not a backbencher looking for publicity? A cabinet minister? Who wouldn't watch a politician get ice-bucketed? Who was behind water charges, property tax, the USC, withholding medical cards etc. We could be here all day. Take your pick.

YYou may well do a double take if you see one, but the facekini is not a bank robber's mask. It's the latest must have fashion item coming to a swimwear shop near you - a mask designed for beachgoers which covers the head and reveals only the eyes, nose, and mouth. It's to protect yourself from direct sunlight. The Chinese are pioneering it, possibly off the back of a Chinese saying that (roughly) translates as, "white skin covers up a hundred uglinesses".

SSo Dublin is way down the 'liveability' list. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's annual liveability index, the Irish capital ranks only 20th in Europe, behind cities like Vienna, Zurich, Lyon, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Madrid. You wouldn't think so by the price of a house. There is one good thing though. As I've said before, for this Tipperary woman the M7 out of it is one of my favourite sights.