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Pretending must be exhausting for Tubs

I AM not entirely sure what Ryan Tubridy has to do to make people like him right now, other than change into another human being.

I watched the entire Late Late Show on Friday and discovered I disliked it to about the same degree I used to dislike the show when Gay and Pat were hosts. That is quite a lot.

The problem Ryan has is that people seemed to really like him during the good times but, to put it mildly, seem to have less time for him now.

He is a well-paid, positive, gung-ho kind of guy in not very well-paid, not so gung-ho times.

He sports the expression of man who has made great efforts to lift us from the gloom but has just been told we would rather stay down here in the dark, thank you very much.

On top of this is the sense that the national conversation now takes place on shows like Liveline and Tonight With Vincent Browne.

But paramount to all this is a feeling I have long suspected. More than Pat, Gay or Miriam, the Ryan we see on television or listen to on radio is markedly different from Ryan in private. Pat is Pat. Gay is Gay. Ryan is putting on Ryan.

Thus the sheer effort of performance, never mind the other demands of live TV and radio, must be a wearisome business for him. And it shows.