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Pressure is mounting on Gilmore

CALLS for Eamon Gilmore's resignation may be premature but polls reveal that Labour is facing a very difficult time at next month's local and European elections.

An Irish Independent/Millward Brown poll shows that the party has the support of just 6pc of the electorate.

If this were to be translated into votes on May 23 Labour would lose its two MEPs and dozens of council seats around the country.

The party top brass were quick to rally around their leader Gilmore yesterday after Labour's Ireland South MEP candidate Phil Prendergast called for a change of leadership.

While her move was never likely to spark open revolt the fact that it was made at all is a dire enough warning for the party leader.

Will Eamon Gilmore still head the party into the summer? Unless Labour manage a major turnaround in the next four weeks he will be under real and severe pressure.