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PJ Browne: Hunt is on for these scum -- no stone will be left unturned

The New Year was just four days old when the thugs struck again.

Let's be clear -- these scum are not brave robbers. Who needs to be brave to instill terror into a woman in her late 60s and a nine-year-old girl?

This crew tied up these two very vulnerable people and held them captive for many hours.

They also instilled terror into the Brinks employee targeted in the raid and put his colleagues in an impossible position when he told them that his mother and niece were kidnapped. What could they do?

Tiger robberies always raise the key, underlying question -- what money equates to the value of life? None, of course.

But do the criminals who carry out these raids place any value on life? I suggest not. Just think of a woman of nearly 70 and a little girl of nine being driven around Dublin for more than six hours.

How can protocols, well meaning as they are, truly deal with such an incident?

These scum have the upper hand in these situations, as the fear engendered into people is not comparable to anything else one could experience in their lives.

Now let me say something about this daylight robbery in Main Street, Ireland. O'Connell Street is at all times full of people, day and night. Did anybody see anything during the transfer of the cash boxes from a security van to a van that bore no resemblance to a security van?

The audacity of the gang beggars belief. But there is rarely such a thing as the perfect crime. As you read this, leads are being followed.

The raiders may think they only have to be lucky once, but that's not the case. The hunt has begun and gardai at Irishtown, one of my old stomping grounds, and Store Street will do all in their power to gather the vital evidence at each scene and analyse its potential to solve this crime.

Thankfully, the money has a dye in the cash box containing it. A small security device but something significant nonetheless.

My heart goes out to the injured woman and child. I wish them a full recovery.

This investigation will start at the fulcrum point and move out in ever increasing circles until the web snaggles the scum who perpetrated it.

I wish my old colleagues well. Detective Inspector Sean Campbell at Donnybrook and Kevin Dolan at Store Street will leave no stone unturned.

Good luck lads.

PJ Browne is a retired detective superintendent with over 35 years experience battling serious crime