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Perfection ... it does not come in just one size

VVictoria's Secret is under fire for using the phrase 'The Perfect Body' splashed in giant lettering across the models' stomachs in its latest campaign. If you think it's yet another example of how the beauty and fashion industry are promoting insecurity in young girls, use the #iamperfect hashtag on Twitter, so everyone can see that perfection doesn't come in just one size.

IIf you haven't seen it, google Shosana Robert's video of street harassment as part of the 'Hollaback' movement. It highlights everyday harassment and intimidation. Roberts encounters over 100 instances of verbal harassment during a 10-hour walk in New York.

One of the scariest moments is when a man walks silently alongside her for over five minutes, even though she says nothing the entire time and is visibly uncomfortable. The video doesn't include the winks, whistles, and non-verbal harassment Roberts also faced.

PPresumably the new public transport fare increases which are lower on Leap cards are to encourage you to get a Leap card meaning there's no way to avoid price hikes? It possibly won't make any difference either way to fare dodgers on the Luas who can easily see the inspectors with Hi viz jackets and jump off at the next stop.