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Pay hikes for 13 staff now? Spin that, Mr Kenny

HERE'S a nightmare story for a spin doctor.

As Ireland fights recession, 13 of your boss's advisers and assistants have got pay rises totalling €13,000.

Put a positive gloss on that, if you can.

Unfortunately for the Taoiseach's PR people, this story is close to home.

Enda Kenny's spin doctor-in-chief Feargal Purcell is getting an extra €3,500 this year. His deputy, is getting a €2,900 hike. A gaggle of other insiders are also getting their pay hiked, under public service increments owed to them.

Nice work if you can get it. But not so nice if you're one the 14pc out of work, or waiting on a hospital trolley, or behind on your mortgage.

It seems the closer you are to Mr Kenny the better your chances of a few extra bob.

Remember the case of Ciaran Conlon, the former Fine Gael PR man so good that his salary was hiked to €127,000 when he went to work for Richard Bruton?

I'm sure Kenny's minions will ride out this storm, in the best PR fashion, but wait for the next election.

We been suckered once ...