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Passengers only victims of air strike

WHATEVER way the High Court rules on the airport work stoppages it's already clear who the main loser is – our country's fliers.

This Friday's stoppage is scheduled for four hours but, as the court heard yesterday, it's knock-on effects at Dublin Airport alone are likely to last for up to 24.

Some 10,000 passengers at Dublin will have their flights cancelled or delayed, it's estimated.

The costs of this disruption are likely to run into millions of euros for Dublin Airport Authority and airlines, with additional tourism revenue lost due to cancelled trips on busy St Patrick's Day weekend.

Claims and counter claims, offers and counter offers have all been made in this dispute, which centres on a pension scheme deficit.

Important as such an issue may be, it's of little concern to paying travellers, who simply want to get to and from Ireland. This Friday they won't be able to. This situation cannot be allowed reoccur.