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Padraig O'Morain: These people couldn't care less about out children

If our politicians were serious about the welfare of children, this week's HIQA report would mark the end of the HSE's involvement with child protection.

That the Health Information and Quality Authority found cases in which HSE management failed move children from homes in which they were being physically or sexually abused, despite complaints from the public and from teachers, is shocking.

That children were only moved eventually under pressure put on the HSE by HIQA is outrageous.

The HSE is like nothing more than a neglectful parent. It leaves its children without proper care and getting any sense of responsibility into its head is a near-impossible task.

There is no point in blaming social workers or other childcare workers for this. The report makes it clear than in some HSE areas, management are just not interested in child protection.

In fact, child protection is simply lost in the overall HSE management structure -- like a neglected child it is left to its own devices.

Neglectful parents are very reluctant to admit to their shortcomings and in some cases are incapable of such an admission. The HSE is no different.

An organisation which should have been down on its knees apologising issued one of its usual statements assuring us that everything is being put right and there's nothing to worry about.

How much longer must we wait for our childcare system to be taken out of the clutches of this neglectful excuse for a parent?