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Our leaders have failed Collins family

THE family of murdered businessman Roy Collins are still going through hell 15 months after the Limerick shooting that shocked a nation. Last night's Prime Time programme was an insight into their lives as they struggle to cope with their grief, but it also highlighted how being brave and standing up to thugs brings its own difficulties.

Every morning, Steve Collins, the father of Roy, dons a bullet-proof jacket before he heads off to work.

Wherever he goes, he is discreetly monitored by gardai. He and his wife Carmel have shown extraordinary courage in the way they have conducted themselves in the aftermath of their son's death, but now must live in fear.

We are not doing enough to protect people like this brave family.

Unless we protect those who take a stand for goodness, then it's difficult to imagine how we'll defeat the wrongdoers. Radical legislation is what's needed to halt organised criminal gangs in their tracks.