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O'leary doesn't want a hangar, he wants an airport in a shed

Why does Michael O'Leary want H6 so badly?

It is far too big for his needs.

Is it to create T3?

As the words fly between Michael and Mary over what is going to happen to Hangar 6 at Dublin airport, it is clear that nobody trusts Michael O'Leary's intentions on this.

He always said that all he needs to run his service is a big shed. Sheds don't come bigger than Hangar 6.

He always said that T2 cost too much, and he won't pay the extra charges that are required to pay off the Dublin Airport debt, run up in building the second terminal.

He says there is no need for check-in desks any more (and soon there won't be a need of luggage belts) and holds up the airports that operate out of sheds, Ryanair destinations across Europe, as the ideal.

He knows H6. It is located on the right side of the runway. One scenario that might result from the Aer Lingus lease is that Aer Lingus move their office facilities from their current headquarters there.

And he knows that Dublin Airport Authority can call back the terms of the H6 lease under the terms of the contract it has with Aer Lingus.

What he wants to do with the biggest building in the country is the jumbo jet in the room.

Mary Coughlan says that H6 is no longer available -- legally contracted to Aer Lingus and that Ryanair can have another hangar if he wants. The problem is he doesn't.

Which is strange. Michael O'Leary doesn't do heavy maintenance. He doesn't have any of the wide-bodied aircraft that filled H6 in the old days of SR Technics.

He does light turnarounds and keeps his planes in the air. The idea of a successful maintenance firm, tendering for work from major airlines such as Singapore and South African, is a long way removed from what Ryanair does.

He believes in outsourcing, not the notion of building his own version of the old Team Aer Lingus, with all the headaches THAT entails.

O'Leary says the reason we won't deal with the DAA is "it wants to build a hangar for us on the other side of the runway, so we can't use it, and then rent the building at a ludicrous rent."

Use it for what, exactly?

Meanwhile Michael O'Leary has published photos of the empty Hangar 6 on the Ryanair website.

Open them up and visualise the queue to get past the baggage police.