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Now Sinead wants Ryan Tubridy to be her lover ...and I seriously worry for her mental health

WHAT is going through Sinead O'Connor's head? Is she full of honest to goodness mischievousness? Is she really that desperate? Or is she simply not well?

All three are possible as you read her most recent ramblings. For eight days, Sinead has been writing in newspapers and online that she is looking for a man.


First we were introduced to Sinead's current situation. She wrote in a Sunday paper: "My situation sexually/affectionately speaking is so dire that inanimate objects are starting to look good, as are inappropriate and/or unavailable men and/or inappropriate and/or unavailable fruits and vegetables. I tell you, yams are looking like the winners."

She went on to describe the type of man she wants to apply to her. As her lover. The article became hard to digest. It wasn't clear why she was telling us all this. And the details were verging on stomach churning.


The following Tuesday and Wednesday she continued to write in her blog in relation to the search. And she became inappropriately graphic in what she would accept in the sexual nature of her ideal relationship.

And now Sinead has been writing again on her website and in a Sunday newspaper -- this time, an open letter to Ryan Tubridy. It is a rambling, confused piece in which she invites Ryan to be her lover, but also invites other men to apply to her for the intimate role.

Having read much of Sinead's writings, I'm nothing less than gravely concerned. I honestly believe the singer is going through some serious difficulties and this is where a sense of responsibility needs to come in to those who are dealing with her.

On one level, the things she is writing seem cheeky and mischievous and we might admire her initially for blatantly advertising her physical desires and needs by way of her search for a man.

But if you look deeper, it becomes an uncomfortable baring of the soul. It's like Sinead is walking around naked and no one is willing to put a blanket around her to protect her decency or dignity.


A blogger recently wrote online: "Hypomania, especially including hyper sexuality, occurs in people with bipolar disorder when it is not under control. Sinead O'Connor has been very open about the fact that she suffers from this disorder.

Time to show some pity and give her, and her four children, the privacy which, although she is unable to stop herself breaching it right now, is nonetheless a privacy she should be granted out of our sense of decency."

Sinead now says that the Late Late Show has been on to her to be a guest on the first show next Friday.

It is obvious that this is a result of the last week's publicity. Maybe Sinead is emotionally strong enough for this interview. Frankly, I don't believe she is.

Anyone who takes advantage of Sinead and this sad search for a man, doesn't value dignity or decency.

It's time someone had the decency to look after Sinead.