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Now Macca's put a ring on it I hope it stays on

Beetles may display extremely intricate behaviour when mating, says, Wikipedia. And for the first time -- I well believe it.

It goes on, the males and females engage in complex dialogue before mating, identifying different species by duration, flight patterns, composition, and intensity.

Well, Paul McCartney must have had to readjust his identifying skills drastically.

After his last marriage to Heather Mills, he would probably admit himself that he took on a Black Widow spider rather than a like-minded person.

But God loves a tryer! He is on to marriage number three and as the well-wishers stood outside the registry office this weekend, I thought this man just wants to live a happy married life.

I also thought, there's no fool like an old fool. What is the point? Really and truly, surely he would have been happy to live in sin with his beautiful partner Nancy Shevell, and not have the possibility of another divorce down the line.

But love doesn't work that way, and he is obviously smitten.

As he said himself, "I feel terrific, I feel married". I wonder the last time he married did he want to say, "I feel frightened. I feel she is going to torture me?"

The last wedding to Heather Mills cost £1.5m. This time, the guests sat down to a vegan meal, mmmmm, in his home.

I don't have a huge amount of love for Paul McCartney.

In fact I think his music is terrible. I wish the man well. And as Beyonce once wrote, "If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it". Let's hope the ring stays on her finger.