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No wonder men are so interested in breasts...

HOW'S this for a convergence of events?

On the very day that the gorgeous Christina Hendricks, the curvy, flame-haired actress who stars in Mad Men, was drawing gasps of admiration for her quite extraordinary cleavage at a movie premiere in New York, it was announced that the models behind Hunky Dorys' latest ad campaign, which has drawn so much criticism, were flying into Ireland for a promotional visit.

On the one hand, we have Hendricks using her ample cleavage to promote a movie, while Hunky Dorys is using similar assets to promote crisps.

So here's the thing. The former is an empowering example to woman everywhere, her deliberate flaunting of gravity-defying breasts, and her lack of fear in showing off her curves, acting as an inspiration to all.


The Hunky Dorys ad, on the other hand, is a crude, sexist display of exhibitionism for purely commercial gains. Four breasts, two utterly opposing reactions.

And you wonder why men are so fascinated by women's cleavages?