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No moral fibre

The recent comments by Senator Norris and the fact that he abused his Dail position by writing letters on Seanad Eireann-headed paper to unreservedly support his then boyfriend, who had been convicted of the statutory rape of a boy, show political blindness and clearly reveal personal ambition as being his raison d'etre.

It is obvious that Mr Norris was thinking about himself and not the people of Ireland, as shown by his comments in one of those letters -- written more than a decade ago -- that he was tipped to be President of Ireland.

Such scandalous displays of personal ambition, selfishness and arrogance betray a total absence of moral fibre, and are unworthy of the office of President.

Mr Norris should also lose his Senate seat for the way he has disgracefully abused his position for his own personal gain.

There is no room in Ireland or Irish politics for selfish personal agendas like this.

m morgan-dupre co donegal

in a tizzie

Every now and again, I read an article that is inflammatory at best. Victoria White's about Tizzie Hall (Herald, July 5) is one of them.

I take offence that she has written about Tizzie Hall and her methods.

Tizzie is a professional and has a massive following. She also has a rather large group of "do-gooder" mothers who go after her like rabid dogs.

Shame on you Victoria.

K taylor australia

reins supreme

I attended the Dublin Horse Show last week, as I do every year, and once again I was struck by what a unique and enjoyable event it is.

There really is something for everyone -- not just horse lovers.

The food, entertainment and, of course, the show jumping is top notch and the atmosphere is terrific.

I only hope that the Royal Dublin Society succeeds in putting on an agricultural show at another time of the year, as I'm sure, if done correctly, it would attract huge crowds.

The Spring Show at the RDS was nearly as popular as the Horse Show!

•young kildare

restrict class size

The news that the Government is planning to increase school class sizes to save money is bad news indeed.

Bigger class sizes and a higher pupil-to-teacher ratio will result in education standards dropping.

We owe it to our children and the next generation to campaign against this plan.

r higgins raheny

good from bad

I believe that Amy Winehouse's home in London is to become the base for a rehab charity -- the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

This is a great idea and the only good thing to come out of Amy's death.

I loved her music and her early death was a tragedy. If she'd only got the help she needed, she would still be alive today.

And who knows what amazing songs she would have written.

c Nolan by email

change of path

I've lived in several different countries in Europe, including the UK, Belgium and Germany, and I'm astonished by the state of the roads in this country.

I've never seen such large potholes and rough, dangerous paths. These conditions simply wouldn't be tolerated in any other country.

My elderly aunt even had an accident as a direct result of the appalling state of the pavement near her home.

This resulted in a broken arm and this could have been prevented if the pavement had been in a better state.

m hughes by email