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Nicki vid's just a bit of a laugh

NNicki Minaj's new video Anaconda is utterly hilarious. I know it has caused uproar because of all the posteriors that are on view. People are shocked, upset, outraged with all the butts shaking up and down. Personally I think it's just funny! Big bums pumping and grinding? Lighten up folks, ya gotta laugh!

HHe's back. The Doctor, that is. And who would have thought he'd still matter after all these years? The enduring appeal of Doctor Who has been analysed and explained by the pundits for yonks. And even though we have grieved for David Tennant and Matt Smith, no doubt we will fall for Peter Capaldi (right) as our latest Time Lord.

TThe ice bucket challenge is showing no signs of stopping. What a phenomenon. Ok, I slagged it off last week, but to be fair it has raised thousands for motor neuron disease support worldwide - and €350,00 for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. So I stand corrected. It's a great idea for a great charity.