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new doll ... same old stereotype

MOVE over Barbie. There's a new pretender to the throne. Lammily is meant to represent the 'average' female figure – designed to look more 'normal'. While I like the idea, I wonder just how normal this doll is? After all, she's still white, has long hair and is still pretty.

So, scientists have proved that the Five Second Rule is true. They found that dropped food is still good to eat if you pick it up in five seconds or less. My guess is that they didn't conduct the experiment in a house with dogs or children. The food wouldn't last three seconds.

Electronic cigarettes are now banned from all DART and train services. Irish Rail said it made the decision after complaints from passengers. I thought e-cigs were odour-free? If they're banned on the grounds of smell rather than health, why not ban people wearing strong perfume or those who haven't taken a shower?