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Needle park is a shame for all Dublin

HEROIN is the scourge of Dublin and addicts shooting up in public places in broad daylight has become far too common a sight on our streets.

St Audeon's Park is located just yards from a primary school and is near Christchurch, several hotels and popular tourist attractions as well as numerous homes.

The Herald today exposes how drug-users are using the park to openly inject themselves from early in the morning.

Almost 6,000 used needles were taken from the small park last year.

Dublin City Council, with headquarters around the corner, effectively washed its hands of the issue yesterday and referred queries on illegal drugs to An Garda Siochana.

Whether they like it or not, this is a problem for the local authority as well as business groups, tourist representatives and all who want the city to project a good image.

Scenes such as those published today are a blight on our city and those who are expected to provide leadership for the capital.