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My style might not be a winning one


Darren Kennedy

Darren Kennedy

Darren Kennedy

I had a dream the other night. I was accepting an award. Not just any award, but the VIP Style Award. I have always secretly wanted to win one.

This year I couldn't make it to the ceremony - attended by, among others, Jennifer Maguire (left) and Darren Kennedy (inset) - so it must have been on my mind. So anyway, in my dream I am wearing a really beautiful evening dress. But I take off my bra cos my boobs are killing me.

Then my name is called out and I have to walk up to collect my award with my arms folded. But the photographers are telling me to undo my arms.

I have to make a quick decision - do I keep my arms folded under my boobs or do I look proud, stretch out my arms and let my bosom reach a new low.

I do the latter, feel liberated and all the photographers point and laugh. I think that's a sign I might never win at the Style Awards...