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Must be a bad tummy ache there Hayden

I I see Hayden Panettiere went into full belly cupping action at the Emmys. It's not like we're going to think she was a bit bloated or just had a takeout. We know you're expecting, Hayden. But being pregnant is like a career move for Hollywood starlets these days. And the belly cup shot goes global. Once pregnancy was the kiss of death for actors, now they can't stop wittering on about it. At least daddy wasn't doing the belly cupping. Now that really is a step too far.

SSo four TDs are living on social welfare for a week to see what it's like for a new show on TV3. It hardly seems long enough. Hopefully it'll be filmed in winter when fuel and lighting costs are taken into account. Maybe in the next series they can live like the so-called coping classes. Or go back to what sort of show their lives really reflect - The Secret Millionaire.

CClearly a great time to be in the buckets and bags of ice business. Shops running out of ice? I've got this great recipe. Tesco are among those already passing on some of their profits to charity. Another positive is that your timeline isn't half as boring as it used to be. There's only so many pics of babies/ drinks/dinners and sunsets I can take.