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"Eeww, that's gross," Patsy said, scrunching up her delicate little nasal passages as if she had smelt something dire.

Maggie, on the other hand, could see why some women might feel they had to do it, although she would baulk at doing it herself.

"I mean, it's bad enough injecting the stuff into your face, but into your legs as well! What would happen if they became paralysed?" What indeed.

However, the thought of injecting botox in their calves doesn't seem to knock a feather out of the many women who are queueing up to undergo this new but very popular procedure.

Calf botox is now one of the fastest growing procedures in the UK botox market and is aimed at women trying to get rid of their chunky calves.

It is particularly popular at this time of the year as those same chunky calves are trying to stuff themselves into knee high boots and end up either bursting the zips or pushing the knees up near the groin.

With this particular botox the toxin is injected into the calf muscle which paralyses some of the nerves and stop them from fully contracting.

Because of the size of the leg muscle, the amount of Botox required is ten times the amount that is injected that is into the face to smooth out wrinkles..

This may all sound pretty drastic and even dangerous, but the proponents of this procedure maintain that it only affects some of the outer muscles so the recipient has no problem in walking afterwards.


However, just to be sure to be sure, many of the clinics get their clients to sign a consent form acknowledging that there may be some side effects such as risk of weakness in the leg or a temporary change of gait.

Perhaps I'm being a little naive, but if there was even the teeniest of chances that you could end up at the Christmas party in your knee-high boots and dancing like Ruby Walsh after forty eight hours in the saddle, then surely you wouldn't go through with calf botox.

"You know the answer to that," Patsy said.

I suppose I am naive because women are queuing up in their droves to sign the consent form and forking out good money for the privilege.

However, amongst the madness are the voices of some concerned physicians who believe that injecting such a large amount of botox can not only make the muscles waste away, but can also cause knock-on effects leading to back, knee and hip problems.

They also believe the procedure could even prove fatal if the calf muscle no longer has the ability to pump blood from the legs to the heart.

"I'd rather have fat calves than be dead," Patsy said as she reached for another mince pie. The girl talks sense.