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Moone Boy is TV gold

MORE success for actor Chris O'Dowd as US network giant ABC has bought the rights for Moone Boy.

The show won an Emmy last year and O'Dowd will be writing and producing the US remake.

O'Dowd has clearly created and found gold with the show.

Chris O'Dowd is set to cash in as Moone Boy is set to be adapted for the American market.

The ABC network have bought the rights to the quirky Irish comedy that is set in Boyle, Co. Roscommon.

However, while O'Dowd (35) won't be appearing in the US version of the show, he will be writing and producing the remake which will be produced by Sony.

The existing version has aired on Sky since 2012, and won an International Emmy award for best comedy last year.

Season three is currently in the pipeline and is due to be aired in the coming months after filming wrapped in August.

Alongside Chris O'Dowd, who stars as Martin's middle-aged imaginary friend, the critically acclaimed series also stars Simon Delaney and Deirdre O'Kane.

The Hollywood Reporter's influential TV critic Tim Goodman dubbed Moone Boy the best comedy of 2013, calling the series "the biggest and best surprise" of the year.

"So few people knew about it but then ended up loving it when they watched.

"A heartwarming coming-of-age story set in Ireland with a fantastic cast led by O'Dowd," he wrote after calling the show "one of the most charming series on TV" in his initial review.

It has also recently been reported that Moone Boy: The Movie is also on the cards.

Deirdre O'Kane, who plays Martin's mother in the series told the Herald that while a fourth series is unlikely to happen, she would love if the show was turned into a movie.

"There will hopefully be another series or else Moone Boy: The Movie which would be brilliant," she said.

"Of course, Chris O'Dowd is at the height of his career and he really wants to make Moone Boy into a movie so hopefully that will happen.

"Filming a movie is on an entirely different scale to TV so it would be brilliant for all of us to work on a big production because it's such a fun group," she added.

Chris, who is expecting his first child with his wife Dawn O'Porter in the coming months is also due to receive the Freedom of Roscommon on October 22.

The Bridesmaids star was originally announced as the recipient of the civic honour in 2012, and now he will finally accept it next week.

O'Dowd took to Twitter in response to the news, "Freedom of the county?! Thank you".