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Moment the 1916 rebels surrendered

AT 2.30pm on Saturday, April 29, 1916 - the sixth day of the Easter Rising - Padraig Pearse emerged from the rebels' headquarters in Hanlon's Fish Shop at 16 Moore Street.

Three hours earlier, a white flag had been sent out to the British barricade on the corner of Moore St and Great Britain (now Parnell) St.

Pearse's subsequent surrender order was issued "desirous of preventing further slaughter of the civilian population."

At Moore Lane, Pearse met General WHM Lowe, handing him his ceremonial sword in surrender.

He was accompanied by Elizabeth O'Farrell, a nurse who had earlier brought out the flag. She is screened off by Pearse's coat in the picture above.

While the GPO garrison capitulated on Saturday, the order was not communicated to a number of other garrisons in the city until Sunday.