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Models in lingerie ... is Cian missing Holly a bit more than he's letting on?

What does it take to become a Victoria's Secret model?

Well, one would have thought that it just involved having a pretty face and a slim body, but when quizzed backstage at this week's London show, various models disagreed.

"You have to be confident, positive..." spouted one impossibly-good looking lady who is unlikely to be splitting the atom.

I mention this because news has emerged that Irish prop forward Cian Healy not only attended the show, but tweeted pictures from the event to make his friends jealous, having been fortunate enough to come into possession of a treasured "golden ticket" which allowed him access to the after-show party.

Which prompts the question - why?

I have been to one or two fashion shows in my life, and consider them to be perhaps the most inappropriate, and tedious, place for a man to be, unless he has a compelling reason to attend.


If it were a lingerie show, moreover, packed with some of the world's most beautiful young women in a state of undress, one's reluctance to attend would be increased by the suspicion that, as a single straight man, you're there just to leer.

One can understand Cian having attended shows in the past when his ex-girlfriend, model Holly Carpenter, dragged him along for company.

But other than the fact that he went because he was invited, it's hard to think of a single reason for Cian to go to the Victoria's Secret show.

He was not working himself, and has no involvement in the fashion business.

Other than the obvious reason, of course, which is to stare at women in lingerie.

Is it stretching the bounds of credulity to suggest that Cian might be missing Holly a bit more than he's letting on?