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Miriam Donohoe: Like Kristin Davis, I'm revelling in the over-40s club

Good on Sex And The City star Kristin Davis, who is basking in an all-time career high at the ripe old age of 45.

Kristin admitted this week there was a time when she thought if she didn't make it in her 20s, she wasn't going to make it at all. But the late bloomer has defied even her own expectations, and with the hotly anticipated Sex And The City 2 movie about to hit our big screens, the middle-aged American actress says she has never been busier or happier.

Hollywood -- and society in general -- has been guilty in the past of discarding women as they got older. They were labelled over the hill as they hit the 40 mark, while men headed for 50 were regarded as distinguished.

Age has always been a big thing for us women. Being bombarded daily with images of youthful, flawless models and reality TV shows where contestants are given surgical makeovers has not helped the situation.

But finally women are beginning to redefine the ageing process.

There is a growing acceptance now that reaching our 40s does not mean the end. For many it is, in fact, the beginning.

The road to our 40s is a varied one. Women's teenage years can be difficult, with hormonal changes and all that brings with it.

Our 20s are taken up with partying, dating, getting started in a career and for many settling down and getting hitched.

Come our 30s and life can really get hectic. We start mortgages, families and get full stride into our careers. Then the dreaded 40s approach and we bemoan the end of our youth and the onset of middle age.

For me, I have grown to love being in my 40s. I feel freer now than I did when I was in my 20s and 30s when I didn't have time to stand still and enjoy the simple things as I was bringing up the kids and working at building my career.

Some of Ireland's most high-profile women are in their mid-40s and older.


And fair play to RTE, it can't be accused of ageism when it comes to its top women presenters. Eileen Dunne and Anne Doyle are part of the frontline RTE newscasting team. Nationwide's Mary Kennedy looks better with every year that passes.

And what about Primetime's Miriam O'Callaghan? I am so jealous of her. A mother-of-eight and looking stunning as she hits 50.

So ladies, we need to learn to grow old gracefully. Take pleasure in every new wrinkle and grey hair. Relax into our older state. It's not all about looks. With our older years comes knowledge, wisdom and confidence.

And liberation. Liberation from feeling we have to look like a 20-year-old any more. So what if bits of our bodies start to sag here and there. I will be cheering on Kristin Davis and her three glamorous and high achieving mid-40s female friends when Sex and the City 2 opens at the end of May. Yes I will be green with envy at their stunning figures and good looks. But I will be proud of these ageing beauties.

Here's to the mid-40s club. Oh, and pass me a Bellini darling, please...