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Michaela's trial should worry us all

eVENTS at the trial of two men for the murder of Michaela McAreavey should concern all of us. The hearing, conducted in Mauritius, has been marked by less-than-proper courtrooom behaviour, allegations of police brutality and fears of cross-contamination of the murder scene.

There are now genuine, and understandable, concerns that the Michaela's husband and family may not see justice done for her. Her family are clearly less than happy with certain elements of the trial to date, such as laughter in the courtroom.

The trial should be a cause for concern for all of us, however.

Michaela McAreavey was an Irish citizen brutally murdered in another jurisdiction.

The Irish justice systems affords fair and impartial hearings in all cases here, including those where the victim is a foreign national.

We are entitled to expect the same for our citizens abroad.