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Michael O'Doherty: Why Tubs was right not to make Ronan squirm

In VIP Towers, we've become used to the range of excuses people come up with when they're unable to attend our Style Awards. Most are legitimate though some, like the perennial non-attendee who again tried the line that, "I'm busy, but could possibly attend if I knew I was winning an award", continue to raise a smile.

The most convincing one this time was Ireland AM's Sinead Desmond, who suffered an allergic reaction to a face cream at the very last minute, and had to settle for a night in watching Jedward on Vincent Browne's new chat show.

We had actually asked Jedward to attend, and presumed it was a wind-up when they said they couldn't because they were appearing with Vincent. But watching it online over the weekend, I appreciated it for what it was -- TV gold.

The reason for this is because it's so incongruous -- the concept of Vincent engaging in small talk with Irish pop stars and TV presenters is faintly ridiculous, and that's why Friday Late With Vincent Browne works.

It isn't lumbered with expectation; it doesn't have to deliver the defining TV moment of the year. Unlike the Late Late Show.

It's ironic that Vincent should be grappling with the Grimes twins at the exact time that Ryan Tubridy was chatting to Ronan Keating, an exchange which has drawn so much criticism.

Yes, Ryan went soft on him. Yes, he could have grilled him about why he did it, how bad did he feel... But to what purpose?

Is there anyone in the country who doesn't know that Ronan regrets what he did, that he did something we've all done in our lives, including the masses who are so quick to judge him. He made a mistake.

What is it about our desire for blood, to see people squirm on national TV, that makes us rage at Ryan for letting Ronan 'off the hook'?


Excepting a few iconic occasions that get wheeled out -- Annie Murphy and Terry Keane being the most obvious -- The Late Late Show has never been a confessional box. And in that regard, it's no different from prime time chat shows throughout the world.

People bang on about Michael Parkinson's interviewing skills, but forget that Parky, while he attracted many of the top stars, settled most of the time for an amiable, reverential chat.

If you want big names, watch the Late Late. On Friday, it had Robert Sheehan, Amy Huberman, Ronan Keating and Mary Byrne -- an outstanding list in Irish terms. If you want an unpredictable, compusively watchable show which may throw up some water cooler gems, watch Friday Late With Vincent Browne.

And if you want to see love cheats break down in tears in front of a baying audience, the Jeremy Kyle Show is on TV3 each day. Take your pick.

Is Leigh really taking LA by storm?

I'VE JUST read how Leigh Arnold is doing superbly well in Hollywood.

According to the glowing account Leigh has described winning Best Supporting Actress at the 'prestigious' Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

While the movie in question, Charlie Casanova, has failed to get a distributor in Ireland, it is "taking the US by storm" according to Leigh.

i put on my sleuth hat and checked the whole thing out.

The festival in question sounds a bit more grandiose than it actually is -- billed as an opportunity for independent film makers to have their work recognised.

It's actually held four times a year in the Whitefire Theatre, LA, which has a total capacity of 84.

And in bagging the award for Best Supporting Actress, Leigh follows on from such luminaries as previous winners Niki Rubin (Autumn 2010) and Susan Han (Spring 2010). Nope, I've never heard of them either...

But Leigh is not being deterred by the relatively random nature of this accolade.

"The phone in my agent's office is ringing more and more," she gushed.

Are you sure Leigh, that your agent doesn't have a similar number to the pizza takeaway, and it's mostly wrong numbers looking for a deep pan pepperoni?

Talent, looks, charm -- Robert has everything...except a PR minder

The star of Killing Bono, Robert Sheehan, looks all set to be the next Irish acting sensation. He has the talent, the looks, and the charm.

The one thing he obviously doesn't have, however, is a PR minder.

Describing how he dropped out of Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology after one year, Portlaoise-born Sheehan said, "I saw college as a chance to not to do any proper work, and just partied my ass off. It was do that, or stay in Portlaoise. It wasn't a difficult choice."

One day Robert will learn not to be so quick to slag off his home town. Until then, however, you've got to love his honesty...

I've a touch of the Siles after seeing Salon line-up

In a week when Sile Seoige reminded us all that sex still sells, it's good to see that Celebrity Salon is sticking to that proven formula.

Red-blooded men are preparing to come across "all Sile Seoige" as Georgia Salpa, Rosanna Davison and Abi Titmuss (all pictured below)are confirmed to appear in the new series. If Sile can get away with smut, then so can I. So if you ask me, the show this year should be renamed Celebrity Hardon.