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Michael O'Doherty: Why, like all hot-blooded men, I'll be reduced to a blubbering heap on Friday

The ninth annual Peter Mark VIP Style Awards take place this Friday in the Shelbourne Hotel, and I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.

We won't only be hosting all the top names from Irish TV and social circles, we also have a veritable feast of celebrity guests.

Stars from overseas at the Style Awards have been like 46As -- we've waited years to get one, and then suddenly three come along at once.

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is flying in along with her reality TV film crew, and I personally can't wait to meet this woman who continues to fascinate the media and general public, long after most celebrities have reached their by sell-by date.

Supermodel Caprice is also attending, as well as that ultimate of style icons -- Liz Hurley. Liz will no doubt reduce all hot-blooded men to a blubbering heap, and send plenty of women to the bathrooms to bitch about her.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that particular room ... the anecdotes I've heard about envious women letting rip on their style competitors would make your ears bleed.

My favourite snippet was when, a few years back, one particular woman failed to win the most stylish woman on the night, and announced to the entire bathroom that the ceremony was full of 'civilians', all of whom 'probably travel coach class on airlines' -- "my husband and I fly everywhere by private jet," she announced, "unlike these plebs."

Ah, the Celtic Tiger ...

Listen and learn, O’Leary

I’M just back from the Middle East. Finishing my trip in Dubai, I needed to get to Abu Dhabi, an hour and a half away, for a midnight flight. I logged on to Etihad Airline’s website and discovered they run a free coach service. I emailed to ask the location of the pick-up and received a reply giving me the address and a phone number for further queries. I called them (toll free), and got an immediate answer. Then it occurred to me. I didn’t have to phone a dozen times to get through, they didn’t tell me to leave most of my luggage at home and didn’t finish up by telling me to piss off. While charging me €1.50 a minute. Are you listening, Michael O’Leary?