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Michael O'Doherty: Tiffany Stanley's stuck her chin out - but isn't plastic surgery just a losing battle?


Tiffany Stanley

Tiffany Stanley

Tiffany Stanley

How about this for an 'Irish model says something interesting' shocker?

Holly Carpenter has just opined: "If you keep looking in the mirror and finding faults, you're fighting a losing battle."

In ruminating on her own body consciousness issues, the timing of Holly's comments may well have just been coincidental, and nothing to do with the latest despatch from our LA modelling correspondent, Tiffany Stanley.

Because Tiffany, who is not averse to putting up the occasional picture of herself on social media as she chronicles her attempts to crack the US, this week revealed her new chin to the world.

Posting a photograph of her face on social media, Tiffany announced that "my chin was always small and unbalanced". When the news was later picked up by the media she tweeted: "I just don't get what the fuss is all about."


One could point out, of course, that Tiffany is savvy enough to know that the media would follow up on the story. More pertinently, if she didn't want people talking about it, why did she announce the fact that she'd had her chin done?

This brings us back to Holly's original point, that the minute you start worrying about the body you were born with, it's all downhill.

You think you're fat, so you go on a diet. Now your slimmer face makes your nose look fat, so you get a nose job. You think your chin looks weak, so you get it enlarged. Now your mouth looks smaller, so you get your lips sorted...

The never-ending search for outward perfection is usually at the expense of concentrating on inward happiness, a fact that Holly points out.

Of course, it's easier to say that when you look like Holly in the first place...