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Michael O'Doherty: Lorraine tipped for return to TV screens

RUMOURS about Lorraine Keane's long-awaited return to our TV screens are gathering pace, with a job in RTE heavily tipped.

But from what I can see, they're based mainly on the fact that she was recently spotted going into the TV building in Montrose.

Well, guess what -- I went into the Aviva Stadium last weekend. So obviously I'm about to take over the management of the Irish soccer team...

At last... a TV show that makes us smile

EVERYONE loves a wedding, and when it involves a high-profile, genuinely in love couple like Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor, the question is why hasn't someone thought of filming such a story before?

With every news and current events programme covering bad news, and people attempting to start up businesses being greeted by smug derision on Dragons' Den, isn't it time we saw something on TV that just made us smile?